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Student Success: Jordon’s Story of How I Met my Girlfriend in 10 Days By Using Everything TDD

Hey Guys, Jordon here,

I was a graduate of Nash Casten's Masterclass back in January, participated in the TDD 2010 Lifestyle Retreat, and your resident future Captain Candidate in the Force of Nature Team that is TDD Singapore. I'm also going to help out on the 23rd July Masterclass alongside with Nash and Xavier.

I just want to share how extremely happy I am that just less than 6 months in, I've gotten myself a helluva girlfriend. I love her a lot, and I'm really glad I met her.

As Troy said on the past emails, success guides, and Champions of Choice 16, it takes more than just one interaction to get into a relationship, so let me give you the low down so you can delineate the way you think about getting women.

You'll also learn the A-Z of how I made it happen through the Lessons Learned at the end of the story. I know you'll love it.

The Backstory:

May 18th was the day Pitbull, one of my favorite hip hop and reggaeton artists hit my town and did a concert. As always, I was in good company going there with my crew mates, like Victor ‘'Spunk'' and Masterclass Alumni James.

I wasn't thinking about pick up, or approaching women at all when i got there and quite frankly wasn't in the mood other than listening to Pitbull. This is because I was in formal wear after attending my school's graduation ceremony early on in the afternoon. It was getting hot and humid so that didn't make me move an inch.

At the venue, I looked around the place for hot girls (hahahahah... might as well!) and planted myself strategically behind hot girls. This place was PACKED and I knew that with the heat and the humidity and the tons of people, VIBE WOULD BE KING and overrule any micro strategy. So, I just focused on the music (which was super bad-ass btw) and gradually my vibe started going up.

So once my vibe became good, naturally I wanted to start going for every beautiful girl in sight hahahaha. I created Line of Sight... ok rather, Line of Sound, by singing to the music that was played, really loudly, I believe I'm a great singer, but that night I was just shouting like crazy and doing stupid actions like I'm a rapper and having tons of fun. People started noticing and looking, including that hot girl in front.

She laughed at my actions. That was my cue to go! So of course I went in! I told her to stop laughing and taunted her into a dance. She committed (X = X), I had a good vibe, she had fun too.. so it's only natural it worked. I danced off a little with her, just having fun. Gave her a high five (men and women teammates) or something like that, can't really recall.

But what I remember was this; I want to thank my crew mate Spunk for being there. Because after the approach, I didn't want to dance. AT ALL (because of the heat and sweat haha). It ended up with him dancing with her most of the time, with me just chilling at another side, enjoying the concert. Thank God for that she had a great time with the team and it showed her my non-neediness. Had i plowed and gone linear I would have left with nothing other than three gallons of sweat beads and a "good time." Good time, no girlfriend. LOL.

End of the night, exchanged numbers and we parted our ways. Went to met Xavier after that but it's just going to drag the whole story haha. Added her up on Facebook. Now Facebook to me is a massive tool of conveyance. It will really show what kind of a person you are, and after that, using a credibility date would just destroy every doubt a person has in you.


Forward a few days to the Singapore City Tour day (Free TDD Seminar)

Before the seminar, I had a Flashmob event to attend at 7am in the morning. I couldn't sleep the night before, and I'm using my laptop, surfing the net for a bit.

Changed my status on Facebook, people commented, she was one of them.

So I started a chat with her on the comments section, then it moved on onto Facebook chat, to IM.

I just maintained the conversation to being fun and friendly, was pretty laid back in the sense that I didn't have the intent to escalate or take things further. I didn't because Spunk said he wanted to go for her, and I agreed to back out at that point of time, though I wanted to go as well.

Got to know a little bit more about her and realized she loves all the things I love, she cooks, works out, watches How I met your mother, huge plus points for me. She's hella witty too.

Soon the time came for me to leave, it was 6am, I told her I had to go, she asked me where the hell I'm going at such a time.

I told her about the flashmob, she wanted to go too. High point, lead or leave. I chose to lead, I told her to join me, she wasn't sure because she didn't know what to do after. I told her about the seminar and about TDD, she's in for it. Game plans DO MATTER, to allow you to lead with confidence. Again, high point, ask for logistics. I asked her where she lived and all (for obvious reasons, like if it was convenient to get there together....and, ya'know) Found out she lived pretty close to me, it's settled then.

Met her at the train station near my place, and we took a train together to the flashmob. Again I didn't take things further during the trip, I just chilled and be laid back a little. She met me when I was reading my book (Art of Seduction, fuckin hell the book's so thick), and listening to music. Had a bit of fun here and there when I'm with her, still didn't do much to escalate, just a little non-verbal escalation here and there.

Reached the flashmob venue, she had to wait 3 hours for me, alone, while I'm with ma homies enjoying ourselves with free food. Felt sorry for making her do that, because I myself wasn't sure of the logistics. She waited, both of us hadn't slept. I saw her commitment, and I felt like I had to reciprocate.

After the flashmob, we went to the seminar, Spunk was with us this time. Again I didn't escalate and just played it cool. At the seminar itself, I didn't get a chance to really interact with her as I was filming and had to speak, it was okay since the other alumni were there. Now that I realize it this is what Troy means when he says Natural Barriers cause Tension and I don't always have to keep attending to women like a needy person.

Had a great time at the seminar, after that I took the train home with her because I was fuckin concussed from everything (no sleep, flashmob and the seminar). She, too was motherfuckin exhausted.

My bed was a fuckin tractor beam to me that day, I just went to bed straight. She called me at around 11pm to ask me for dinner, I was too tired so I rejected and told her I'd call her when I wake up. I sent her a text at around 2am saying I'm up, then I fell back to bed again, she then replied at like 3am. I replied at 4, when I'm up again, then I went back to sleep again (HAHAHAHA, I know wtf right). This repeated texts of the same content ‘'hey I'm up'' happened till I think 11am hahahaha.

3pm the next day, she called me to ask if I want to have lunch with Apprentice Instructor Dan Milton, Spunk, and Her. Of course I agreed since I'm fuckin starving.

Went to eat with them, then she had to leave to meet her friend, so we 3 boys went to watch a movie. After the movie, when we had dinner, Spunk said he'd back out since he senses that she's more into me.

She called me asking what plans I had after dinner, I was going to Xavier's place for Poker. I got her to join me, this time when we took the train. I did a bit more of non-verbal escalation. Giving her THAT look (oh yeah, you know it hahaha), while maintaining an easy going, platonic conversation. Was lazy to talk anymore so I got out my Ipod, and told her to watch an episode of How I met your mother with her.

Fuckin hell I think god is with me, I chose ‘'The Pineapple Incident''. When that episode came, I agreed to the values Barney stated, and stated them as my own as well. ‘'Ted, you always think think think, and never DO DO DO.... Its time to not think, and DO!'' I just rephrased it into the Carpe-diem kind of Value like on Champions of Choice 13 (and the Keys 2 Victory Seiminar)

She agreed, so ya'know, cool.

Reached Xavier's place, had a fun night playing poker. Won 30 dollars with her, everyone at his place that night thought we we're a couple. Went to Macdonalds and had a 100 Macnuggets night. Pretty awesome.

When she was away, Xavier told me he could see that she's into me. I also sensed it, so I decided I'm going for this, since I kind of like her, and she does all the things I do. After eating, took a train back home with her, things escalated a little faster here. Foreshadowed things like a relationship and she said ‘'hahaha stop thinking too much, you're too young, boy''. Fuckin hell I'm 19, and she's 22. I know it's a done deal then, since she was already CONSIDERING that fact. I stated another core value as to why I felt that Age is just a number. She had no reaction to that at that point of time, but I bet that's running around in her head.

Things physically escalated a little too, but only a little. Head on shoulder kind of little, her stop came, she got off.

I got home, got some rest.

She texted me the next day asking when are we going to hang out again. I just KNOW it's a done deal then.

Forgot wtf I did since everything's in a blur lol, but I remember asking her out to have a snack with me, since she wants to hang out, and we both love food. (If you hadn't tried it, you're living under a rock hahahahaha)

I had to leave her, since I'm heading to work out. But I took the time to walk her to her train station and showed that I cared. You don't have to be an asshole with women guys. It's a balance and there are times where you actually have to show her you care.

After training, I bought her to a sheesha place I always go to, and relaxed there with her. Things really escalated a lot here, both physically and emotionally. We ended up getting more intimate at the sheesha joint.

At this point of time, I know that I really like her, and it's not going to be a one-time thing. But my mind was thinking a hell lot about the TDD ranks, which I got confused. She knows and sensed that my vibe was a little off, but she understood when I told her, and waited for me to give her an answer. She wanted a committed relationship, and I didn't really know what I wanted then (A part of me wanted to continue everything with TDD to get the ranks, but another part of me told me she's growing on me so much I want to be with her) This dragged on for a few days, but I believe I've already made my mind up then. She's so understanding, I'm still able to go and hit on girls at a club, outside a club. ‘'Just don't do the things you don't want me to do'' That's what she said. I still get to brush up on my skill sets in this sense. Just that I don't get to ‘'follow up'', or bring the things I do to another venue. Still, I'm happy to hear that.

That's why Troy always says "God bless our girlfriends for understanding that we're the modern man movement" LOL

A few days later, we got together, on 28th of May. Pitbull was 18th May. 10 fuckin days. Fuckin unbelievable. Though I still need to learn how to become a less of a jerk that I am now, I'm very happy and I love her a lot.


Key Lessons Learned:

-My mindset was there. I believed that it was a DONE DEAL, 100%, after Vic backed out. All I had to do was not screw up. I didn't Pre-judge her and how she'd react. That made my cup empty, and X = X. Really. She had no choice but to ride on the vibe hahaha. Guys, stop self-sabotaging and believe that women want you as well!

-Leading or leaving at the high point. I took the chances to lead when I see the opportunity, and when logistical matters were in the way, I made sure I left at a high point, leaving her wanting for more.

-I believe I played it up quite well being chill and not too pushy/linear/plowy at the start. When I stated my Carpe-diem value, it was at the RIGHT time, because I felt that I had conveyed enough that the value fits me. I brought her to a Fuckin FLASHMOB and a seminar! Meeting the coolest people I've met on earth.

-I really think it's not what you say that matters; it's what you DON'T say. I believe I conveyed the message that I was this kind of guy before I actually stated the value, which made stating the value even more.......impactful (for the lack of a better word). Remember that we always say in TDD - "Don't say it, Convey it!" I also remember during my Masterclass i learned that we do the conveyance stuff because "explaining yourself is for suckers."

-I also conveyed a lot of things that I liked to her. ‘'Eating, Reading, Improving myself, spending time with friends chilling, doing radical things like eating 100nuggets, heading to clubs, etc etc...'' I didn't have to say much, it was a lot more of showing.

-Another thing, when I'm with her, I wasn't afraid to talk about anything, about sex/relationships/age/WHATEVER. X = X, the rule of cool. I think it's alright, she's going to think it's alright. I wasn't concerned about saying the "right stuff" just to get on her good side, a MAJOR mistake most guys do.

-Also, bringing her to MY ELEMENT was a good thing, because you just won't run out of stuff to say. I brought her to the sheesha joint because I really felt like smoking it that night hahah. Told her how much I love that place and the music they play.

-Talking with passion, I believe that's also one of the factors. Talking with passion would mean you use a totally different tone to talk about the things you like. It's like taking pride in the things you love to do, that you have no choice, but to talk about them that way.

I used to be the kind of guy who didn't DARE to talk about the things I love to do, for fear of judgement, now I'm different, and people appreciate me for having passions and a life.

-Of course, having her meeting the crew was a good move on my part; it's all about being congruent. We have so many different characters in this entourage, and all of them are awesome in their own way. Because them being awesome would lead her to assume I'm an awesome guy too.

-Intent and escalation is important, to me. At the start, I didn't have the intent, therefore I didn't escalate. Once I had the intent, sparked flew, and the story changes. Champions of Choice 7: Killer Instinct and Closing Strategies had been a great help. Please listen to it if you haven't. Finish off what you start, don't let anything you do end with a comma. Let it end with a full stop.

-Having a Gameplan. The VERY few days I'm with her, I always had a ‘'what to do next''. That allowed me to lead her VERY confidently. I brought her into my life, my very awesome life she's happy to be a part of.

-Including her in the picture of my life, talking in a 2niverse manner. Me and you, we. That kind of thing ala Champions of Choice 16: Foreshadowing the Relationship.

-Helping her, HELP ME. Not only did I show her my awesome life, I let her know my flaws too, so that she could help me (Motherly instinct of a woman! Hahaha). If you don't you'll be deemed as a PERFECT guy with nothing she could help with, and then she'll be afraid she ain't good enough for you, and no one's going to be happy. I think Troy also talked about this on COC 16, on the "Dimensions Challenge."

-Knowing when to switch up the vibes at the right time:

At the beginning, I laid back and showed a charismatic side of me when I couldn't escalate since Vic was going for her. After he backed off, I showed the dominant side by leading her through so many things and places, and at every place, the fun was there since I'm in my element, and I really have fun. I sexualized the interaction when we were alone, or gave her a covert ninja look when there were people around, while still being charismatic.

So, these are the lessons. It's the SAME LESSONS you read from us all the time and the SAME LESSONS you learn on your COC's, Mentorship Programs, PI's and Masterclasses. Guys, this is no joke. I put them together and focused on the right things and here I am. I am not even 6 months in and I truly believe that my social awareness and knowledge of attracting women is a thousands times better than when I came in.

If you have any questions, input, or comments, please put them on the comments section or PM me on the forums: Username is Jordon.

I'm really fucking happy I met her and I wish the same for you!

Peaceout mofos!


Upstart/Captain Candidate-Candidate

TDD Singapore City Crew


TDD Success With Women Guide Part 4-1: The TDD Dance of Interest


Check out the video of this Iconic "Dirty Dancing" Film Scene.

"You're in my space lover boy.... give me some tension here...!"

"How do you call your lover boy...and if he doesn't answer? and if he STILL doesn't answer!"

The fourth installment of our Success Guide with women is probably the most important one I've released and it's divided into two parts. I expect you to use the material here because these are NOT some yahoo answers advice column for entertainment value. As a TDD'er you should always strive to be good at the subtleties at showing interest.

It's no surprise that the challenge most men have in the game, whether beginner or a seasoned pro, is treading that fine line because to them, the outcome is either reciprocation or rejection. This is one of the most confusing pieces of the game most men are dying to know the solutions for.

Why Men Suck at this:

How a man uniquely shows interest is usually a by-product of rejection, success, and a combination of both. Sometimes they overdo it, and sometimes they don't do it and miss the outcome by a hair.

Most men who get hit a few times never get up again. They become afraid of getting ego shot and just completely settle for the friends-first approach.

First off, if you're in this journey or process to be good with women, you have to be THICK FACED. That means you have to imagine your skin is 8 inches thick or you have some force field around you on what women say. This is also why we train men to be skyscrapers because we don't want them to be emotionally damaged by whatever women say because they innately have unbreakable confidence.

Anyhow, here are the negative and positive outcomes that may happen when you should you escalate the interaction with a woman you like:

The three positive outcomes are:

You show your interest and she responds that she's interested in you

You show your interest and she says nothing but does not reject it, and

You don't show your interest and she becomes interested in you

Three usual negative outcomes are:

You show your interest and you get rejected for it,

You show your interest and it comes off overbearing and needy, or

You don't show your interest and you lose the girl due to the platonic nature of your interactions

So, where do we stand here?

At the end of the day you WANT TO SHOW INTEREST. Listen women aren't going to chase you forever. But it is a DANCE. And like a dance, sometimes you move in, and sometimes you move out. Sometimes you ask for a commitment like taking her hand for a spin, and sometimes you go balls to the wall with a bold move like a dip. Sometimes you're chasing, and sometimes she is. It's a constant movement but in the end both partners win.

I want you to focus on the positive outcomes of showing interest. Now I'm going to share the different ways you can show it. There are really no dogma's or hard line routines to do here but below I've outlined the general ways to show interest or non-interest verbally or non-verbally. Then I will give you solid tips after that on how to execute them right and get the girl eventually.


Interest can be shown via:

Giving her your undivided attention (nonverbal)

Increased enthusiasm when conversing (nonverbal)

A personal or logistical question (verbal)

A genuine compliment (verbal)

Foreshadowing (verbal)

A high-risk sexual statement (verbal)

An invite to your world (verbal), READ*

Non-Interest can be feigned by:

Acting distracted and busy (nonverbal)

Being Platonic with her and treating her as a friend (verbal and nonverbal)

Telling a story that has nothing to do with the interaction moving forward (verbal)

Ignoring her (nonverbal)

Leaving abruptly during an interaction (verbal), and

Creating a natural barrier around her when in a social situation (nonverbal)

Now that you know the different verbal and non verbal ways to show interest , let's delve into Showing Interest and go over some key tips to make showing interest an effective habit for you when you interact with women.

KEY TIP #1 ON INTEREST: Do Not Expect a Big Commitment at First

Leading, in TDD has but one major rule that we all use, and it's "Small Leads to Big."

If there's anything we've learned in several years of implementing the system, is that women (and human beings in general) love the TRIAL PERIOD. Usually, when a large commitment is asked of women they shy away from it, but if it's pretty easy to do they'll do it. Your job is to put her into this ladder of commitments from small to big, especially with a girl you're just beginning to seduce.

If you're going to give her your attention, drop what you're doing and listen, but at the 15 minute mark when you've reached a high point you might want to cut it short and tell her you have to hit the gym and you'll have to continue this sometime this week.

If you're going to foreshadow a date or inviting her over, try something small and convenient for both of you like happy hour at the neighborhood pub or a quick 15 minute (note, 15 minute) jog around the park when it's not hot. Going to the Movies still work, especially if it's a top grossing movie that everyone says you need to watch (I've fallen victim to the A-Team, Karate Kid, and now Toy Story 3). Again, make it convenient. Start small.

If you're going to compliment her with the way she looks, don't just say she looks hot, point out something specific, like how nice her hairstyle is, or her smiling eyes, or how you like her fashion sense. Just pick one, that's it.

If you're going to make a sexual comment as a small gesture of interest, JUST SAY IT ONCE. Tell her she looks like a prime Salma Hayek and move on. Tell her she'd look great on you and move on. Tell her that you have physical preferences toward 5'5" brunettes with a name Sharon and move on. Once is enough. She gets the point.

KEY TIP #2 ON INTEREST: Do Not String Interest Moves One after the Other

That's called neediness. Make sure that you just "ping" or "poke" her for a bit but do not go overboard by following it up one after the other. You have to MIX IT UP.

Notice that when you string things in a linear manner, it usually ends up needy and overbearing and you lose the chick.

Remember that it takes more than one interaction for you to get her completely, so don't get ahead of yourself brother. Get her used to the DANCE. Some days feign interest to her, and some days don't.

KEY TIP#3 ON INTEREST: Get your Radar Up for When She Shows Interest to YOU

Here's what some men don't get and I think it's an "Inner Game" issue more than anything, but you have to be open to the fact that hey, she might actually like you!

Most men think that seduction is a "convincing game" and never entertain the fact that they ARE attractive enough, and I think that type of mentality is what blocks them from ever picking up on her signals of interest.

Now I've given you the different ways of showing interest, you might want to hone your awareness skills for when she does it to you.

If she does, hey there's nothing else to do but to say "thanks" however you might want to return that as well following the small is to big rule and using some good old Foreshadowing.

I love foreshadowing because it's not overbearing. Most men who get compliments from women (real or fake) will actually gun immediately for a date. I usually foreshadow a small and specific event and it always works as a charm.

I mentioned fake because there are some women that know this game of complimenting men to get what they want (and it's not your heart or your penis, guys). So, the way to tread the middle ground is to foreshadow something SMALL first.

I've gotten tons of compliments from women on how cool or funny or intelligent I am. Most of the time I just say thanks but I always say something like "Hey, one of these days when my schedule clears up we should grab a snack at Whole Foods" or "Do you still work out? I need a jogging partner to run a lap or two on the weekends" or "Hey, check this wine tasting event out. Some of my friends are going and I'm thinking about attending it."

If she goes for it, then great. Now you can increase the levels as you go.

KEY TIP #4 ON INTEREST: Women this Stuff Works On

1.       Attractive Women who work hard on improving themselves and don't get the praise they deserve

2.       MILF's and Mature Women who don't bullshit around, and

3.       Conservative Women,

Number one is really part of my personal "Niche." There are more than enough quality women out there who really, really try their best to improve and be awesome, whether it's physically, mentally, or emotionally. A lot of them don't get the praise they deserve other than a dozen ass-kissing remarks from most guys. Well, guess what, I'm their savior. I'm here to show them that as a quality guy, I see them eye to eye and I find them hot.  I like to listen, share core values, and foreshadow relationships, like on Champions of Choice 16.

Number two is something TDD Instructor Rico does a lot on his Niche of MILFs. Although Rico has that powerful Latino vibe, he does have that caring side where he gives his women undivided attention and some sweet talking. Older women usually have a no-bullshit approach to dating and if you show interest it's totally in line with their mentality.

Number three is for conservative women. Most of them get shy when you show interest to, but in general actually never accept gestures of interest anyways. It's always a plus to BE FIRST. If you're first in line to tell her you find her attractive, it starts becoming a possibility in her head and despite small reciprocations you will see it. After you, she'll also think the next guys are just copy cats.


What happens if she doesn't take your show of interest? Hey don't forget my man Nash Casten's favorite phrase, "No means slow."

What most guys don't know is that when a woman rejects a query of interest, it's usually because of logistical reasons that they have absolutely ZERO control of. Remember women have guy issues, ex-issues, dog-died-the-other-day issues, my-life-sucks issues, gossip girl issues, and what not. It's none of your concern and you shouldn't sucker yourself into them.

So, NEVER act rejected if you didn't get the response you wanted: Don't twitch, react in a negative way and just say "okay, well maybe next time." Or the term that's been a big twitter trend lately, "I'm just sayin."

Smile and be calm. Because bro, you're a TDD'er and a TDD'er knows that the attitude we have is like a Shark versus a Piranha. A Piranha keeps biting but never finishes the big meal. A Shark loves the initial challenge or rejection, surveys its target, and finds opportunities to succeed. Trust me there are MULTIPLE OPPORTUNITIES with one woman if you open your mind to the possibility.

Okay, that's it for now. Take this advice to heart and play the game right.

Troy Dizon



Troy is Packing his Bags and is Heading out to Meet YOU! (See dates below)



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TD in NYC 2008

Hey Guys,

It's time for us TDD Boys to get our road trip gear and set out on a bunch of FREE CITY TOUR SEMINARS in YOUR CITY, As early as now, we're planning to do ONE CITY TOUR FREE SEMINAR (like the one we did in Singapore) over the next few months starting with the US Masterclass in July ending up in Pure Night III in Las Vegas and a trip to the West Coast.

It'll be a fun filled day of learning, v-blogging, hanging out with the crew, and maybe even a night out.

On these FREE City Tour Seminars I will be talking about:

- TDD's Unique Science of Attraction and Personal Development

- The Body Language Cues that Project Manliness

- The True Meaning of Vibe and Being 100% Charismatic

- The Fallacy of Positive Thinking

- The Socializing Component of being 24/7 Attractive

- Creating Retention after Meeting Women

- Logistical Tips

...and MORE

Right now we're drumming up an Interest list on the dates provided below.

If you're joining and you're NOT on the Mastermind Group you'll need to enter your information below and the seminar you wish to attend.

If you ARE on the Mastermind Group then simply shoot me an email at troy@troydizondating.com and the free seminar you want to hop onto and I'll promptly get back at you on the details. So far, we're headed to these locations and dates below.

Again, it's been a fun run San Antonio, but I gotta leave home and see what my fellow TDD'ers out there are up to.



Champions of Choice 16: Advanced Foreshadowing - The Relationship Transition is OUT NOW!


"I probably said it before, but I feel that TDD is bigger than pickup. For a generation of guys who grew up without fathers, TDD is about defining what it means to be a man, to be a leader, to take risks, and to stand your ground. And yes, women today with their six-figure incomes and fast cars still find this sexy. And Troy knows this. And this is the genius of TDD."

- Kojonez. Champions of Choice Subscriber

If you already didn't know from what HE said, I am NOT a Pick Up Artist.

I SERIOUSLY don't believe that getting a girl into a mutual attraction with you has ANYTHING to do with the type of approach you use, or getting number, kiss, or even fuck closes and I've got evidence to prove it.

Actually now that I think about how our style compares with everyone else, it makes me think that the attempts PUA's do to get women is pretty pathetic and time consuming in a bad way. Oh, did I also mention very little results.

I believe in efficiency and focus. If you don't practice the necessary skills to get you the desired result, then you are merely wasting your time and energy dividing your practice into several possible outcomes. Our school of thought is not about "possibilities." We want you to get the exact outcome you came in here for.

Want a relationship? Well listen to me:

You have to understand that getting into a relationship goes past one interaction, so it can't be done via the PUA Way of lameness which is doing one time, linear interactions with a PASS/FAIL result.


If you're gonna want a relationship with a woman. Whether it's long or short, casual or serious, you will need something more CONSISTENT than stupid linear conversation techniques or funny monkey routines.


You will have to know THE SEQUENCE OF CLOSENESS, and how, through multiple minor and major interactions with a woman, you can get her from just trading opinions at the workplace or on the phone to sharing deep secrets and values to talking serious business of you and her getting together to "those three words."

Look, my personal experience spans through 200 casual and medium term relationships with women, and 4 long term ones over a span of 10 years. ALL OF THEM went through the SAME SEQUENCE OF CLOSENESS I'm sharing on COC 16. From Stage 1: Mundane Rapport, to Stage 2: Pathways to Values, to Stage 3: Reasons for Unity. 20 minutes in, I break down all stages into little chunks that you can put into action today and advancement pointers to get to the next. These are very easy to understand stages but they are carefully organized into the science of what brings women closer to men.

Speaking of Stage 2: Pathways to Values, I then talk about my favorite Relationship Values, These values I've formulated, emotionally expressed, and improved over the years. Some of them I'm pretty sure I've gathered from other Naturals and TDD buddies of mine as well as other resources. On this COC, Relationship Values are broken down into: I. Double Relate Values (Pessimistic/Optimistic), II. The Dimensions Challenge, III. The Inner Person, and the IV. FIVE Relationship Attributes. All of these values are going to be broken down into simple form with examples, so that you can use the blueprint to formulate and strengthen your own.

Oh, and ONLY on this COC will I share again the Troy Dizon Boyfriend Destroyer of 2006. Some morons who had issues with that tried to ban and remove the dozens of posts and reports I had using them but a lot of my past clients practiced the technique anyways and succeeded in saving the damsels from the men who didn't deserve them. This is an expanded move off of relationship values so I decided to put it out once more on this COC. It's very powerful stuff so use with caution!

At the end of the day, this is WHAT YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO if you want to throw out the garbage ebooks and get into something REAL, PROVEN, and SOUND. Nothing un-natural here guys, just the best TDD Relationship Material in MP3 Format.

Enjoy Champions of Choice 16. If you aren't a Champ of Choice, subscribe on the link below. You won't ever regret it.

Troy Dizon


Download Our Most Interesting and Controversial Podcast to Date!



This is THE ULTIMATE Awareness Podcast on why men and women are currently single or are in a relationship and WHY they want to be single or a relationship. We go over:

- The psychology of how to get ANY woman you want based on where she's at in life right now - the biggest golden nugget of this podcast

- REAL experiences, REAL stories on our successes based on these solid TDD concepts.

- Get an insight into the life of a "true player" and why most men fail when it comes to emulating players and copying their moves.

- How to deal with the wild party flaky girls...and it's NOT being the party guy!

- How to become "relationship material" to women.

- A LITTLE BIT of Cobra Jacking (making women fall in love)... Dangerous Stuff!

- We dish the dirt on some of our "natural friends" and other instructors (Like TDD Dance Guru Capo)

Meet Today's TDD Panel


TDD Apprentice Instructor Clement (Canada and Singapore)

"Most of the time I just say hi."

Meet TDD's resident boy next door. Clement was born in Singapore and spent the last few years going up in Canada. After graduating in Psychology at age 20, he had maintained a martial art apprenticeship, dipping into the frame of perpetual progress and dichotomous values. Two years ago, seeking a balance for his social life, he was recommended to TDD and got his eyes opened to the possibilities. The rest is history, and he is soon to be returning to Singapore for National Service.

He feels that being real is as important as having a dream, like a one-two punch combo. Teaching in the style of David vs. Goliath and Musashi, Clement turns perceived disadvantages to his advantage. Take it from a 5'1 Asian, being the unexpected guy-next-door in many ways. While on his road to become a TKD World Medalist, Clement has hobbies such as playing the harmonica and photography.


TDD Apprentice Instructor Candidate Troy "The Spartan"

‘Spartan is simply the name of a standard. It's a constant reminder to always have the will of a warrior, yet strive to be the best.'

Entering the infamous ‘community' in Mid-2008, ‘Spartan11' was looking for anything to remove the stigma given to him by his ex-girlfriend: ‘Socially Awkward'. Not wanting to be forever plagued by that title, he did all he could to improve his social skills, especially towards women. A random user on the community referred Spartan to a fellow Filipino that was a PUA instructor. This instructor simply sent him a link to his podbean blog. Days later, that podbean account transformed into ‘Troy Dizon Dating'.

‘Spartan11' decided to transform and evolve with it, thus becoming ‘THE Spartan.' It almost ended before it began, when Spartan went on a 6 month hiatus during a relationship. The abrupt and heartbreaking ending of that relationship instantly turned into a new beginning. Wanting a new start as a new man, he quickly came back on board by doing a Private Instruction with Philip Marinetti. The rest is history written day by day.

As a certified personal fitness trainer, Spartan's teaching style is very visual and kinetic, having the students see the concept in action, and then having them try it out for themselves. His high energy and enthusiasm constantly rubs off on his team and students. He's always one to lead from the front and lead by example.

His seduction style is almost the opposite. Though he loves bringing girls down to his party basement/gym known as ‘The Dungeon' for workouts, dancing and fun, his bedroom is known as the ‘Zen Chamber', which is built to calm and relax after a long, energy filled day.

When not seducing the women of Chicago, the Spartan is most known for his lifestyle of constant self improvement, which includes reading books about fitness, business, and mindset, as well as constantly training his body through rigorous workouts and the study of martial arts.

Listen Now:


FINALLY. The Biggest Live Program Question Answered!


“A boy comes to me with a spark of interest, I feed the spark and it becomes a flame. I feed the flame and it becomes a fire. I feed the fire and it becomes a roaring blaze.” - Cus D'Amato

We've been getting a lot of questions leading up to our two MAJOR, Once in a blue moon TDD Live Events, the Masterclasses in Chicago and Singapore City. The most common one being,

"How is the Masterclass different from a PI (Private Instruction) Weekend?"

masterclass.jpg VS privatein.jpg

Read more and you'll understand my CORE Teaching Philosophy that makes TDD so successful...

Just to clear things up, our flagship TDD Live Program has always been Private Instruction because I've always believed in personalized training and continued mentoring.

Take note that almost ALL our philosophies, strategies, and techniques are all over the site for FREE. Sometimes I forget we've churned out:

- Almost DAILY releases of articles and student successes since 2007 when the blog came up,

- 39 fully packed free podcasts (#40 comes out on Friday),

- SIXTY ONE videos on TDDTV,

- And a ridiculous gold mine of a forum with enough Classic Posts to get you successful with women.

If you haven't been taking those free resources seriously, maybe now's the time to start.

Now if there's something I learned being deep in the trenches of the PUA community, its that giving a client an ENTIRE SYSTEM without knowing their backgrounds, sticking points, strengths and weaknesses is the FASTEST road to them NOT SUCCEEDING.

Imagine handing a manual to a client without even getting to know him at all. Trust me, during my tenture working within the pick up community for four years I saw hundreds of men come and go without their problems ever solved. You know why? Because their "coach" handed them a manual and said, try A-Z out. Any problems, consult the troubleshooting part and these guys eventually get lost in translation.

If you can relate to this then you can understand now why despite all your reading PUA material you're still somewhat clueless.

In TDD, I get PAID to Mentor, just like our top instructors. I believe in mentoring. I believe in getting to know my client deeply and working with him every step of the way. I believe in tough love, in telling my client the truth, and revealing it to him during our programs UNTIL he raises his level of awareness and takes SMART ACTIONS because of them.

I also believe in following up with my client and seeing to it that he still sharpens the saw, because that client is, in essence also a brother to me.

That my friends, is our business in a nutshell.

Anyhow, BOTH the PI's and Masterclasses follow the same mantra. Only difference is that the Masterclasses happen THREE, FOUR times a year. That makes it one of the rarest "group boot camps" in TDD one could ever be a part of.

The Masterclass is the only camp with not one, but two or three TDD Instructors (and Apprentice-Instructors, respectively) to give you multiple inputs, personal strategies, and a load of experienced advice in the field as you go through the 2 and a half day weekend. Some of our guys travel from other cities and countries just to be part of this event and co-instruct and I think that is something special.

The Masterclass is also a "rite of passage" for many of our TDD clients who want to be part of this growing culture of 24/7 Attractive men. If you notice, we're brothers in TDD and these group events foster that "band of brothers" effect that lingers on YEARS after. It's the event that breeds bonds of friendship, wingmanship, and eventually the beginnings of a crew.

Our Singaporean Top Dawgs, Xavier Hide and Dan Milton, were classmates during their Masterclass...

Our Newest Manila Instructor, Rafa was a Masterclass graduate and apprenticed two of them after... Read his Life-Changing account HERE

Our US Apprentice Instructor Tuan graduated from the Masterclass... Read his 2009 Review HERE

Our Latest Upstarts, Jordon and Gab graduated from the Masterclass... Read their Reviews HERE and HERE

Our guy from Dubai, Rockerboy Joe graduated and laid his hot officemate not long after.. Read his Review HERE

Then you got testimonies from Whoozy, Vincent Chase, Ajinomotoyo, and LockJay.

and so on and so forth.

If you're in the middle of deciding whether to take a PI or a Masterclass, again remember that both have essentially the SAME CONTENT and the SAME CUSTOMIZATION. The only difference, is the EXPERIENCE FACTOR, and I have to say that on that regard, the Masterclass is up 2 points to 1 on PI's.

I highly suggest that you take advantage of our Early Bird, 3 month payment plans to reserve your slot. We are booked 2 people each and will not look past 4. Right now we are extending the discounted $200 off payment plan but will remove it in a couple of weeks.


Here are both links to the discounted payment plans - 3 Monthly Payments of $416.



See you guys on these rare TDD Events!

Troy Dizon

If you have any questions on the Masterclass and PI programs, email us at the following addresses:

US and Europe Operations

Troy - Troy@troydizondating.com

Singapore Operations:

Xavier Hide - Xav@troydizondating.com

Dan Milton - Dan @troydizondating.com

Manila Operations

Nash Casten - Nash@troydizondating.com

Rafa - Rafa@troydizondating.com